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19 February 2011 @ 04:46 pm

So in case I didn't mention it, I'm going to Florida in April. I've never had a holiday abroad so I'm flippin excited and I'm doing everything I can to make some extra pennies to spend whilst I'm over there. This lead me to thinking about making some custom bracelets, perhaps sets even, for super cheap.

Here's the deal. Bracelets are 8" and quite heavy, with 19 loops in the chain. That means 19 things on your bracelet, of your own choosing, for £4 all inc (£3 bracelet, 66p postage and 34p Paypal fees) and you can upgrade it to a set with matching necklace and earrings for the grand total of £6.

A combination of half term next week and babysitting loads in the next few weeks (I did say I was doing everything I could for some extra pennies!) means I'll have lots of time for making things. Everything will come in an organza gift bag and I will be able to do discounts for multiple purchases. Please bear in mind that the prices are less than cost to me, but as I said, more Florida pennies would be awesome.

I will be doing this until the end of March so if you can't afford something now then feel free to comment anyway to pay at a later date!

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27 February 2009 @ 08:36 pm
Dear Ikea,

You make me so angry. I want a bed. I want to buy a base and a mattress. EVERY SINGLE TIME I go on your website my head hurts. I find a base, perfect. But your sizes seem to be different to everywhere else in the world. Then I have to choose a slate and then you give me 50 million choices for a mattress. I have no clue if I want a sprung mattress or a foam one. Then you show me prices, but it isn't until I adjust the size I get a price.

For these reasons please do not expect me to buy a bed from you.

No love,
12 February 2009 @ 12:15 am
Everyone, I'm 21!

I also love how online I've got like a million messages in the last 15 minutes, yet my best friend, sitting there on MSN, being all ~online~ hasn't text/Facebooked/talked on MSN!

03 January 2009 @ 10:41 am
I am on my way to shop. It seems to be all I've done since Christmas! Already I am feeling so travel sick. Hate hate hate. Whilst I remember, does anyone have Twitter?
01 January 2009 @ 10:09 pm
Times flies. It feels like just yesterday it was last year.

Thank you, thank you. I am here all week.

Today's been good. I've done some things I've been meaning to do for ages - the main thing was taking my massive computer screen out of my room and swapping it for a much smaller one in the passage. Now my Dad can play Pinball in large screen, and now I can see more of my desk area <3

FYI, 2009 is rocking so far. Lots to say, lots of new stuff, but I neglected my room today and instead played Mario Kart loads, so to celebrate having more desk space I am putting my computer on again and seeing what gems I have hidden to watch whilst I finally put away all my Christmas presents and have a bit of a sort out.
15 November 2008 @ 04:51 pm

I bought the 120 pro palette from this seller on eBay. Despite being £1-£2 more than other sellers, this seller had a low number of negative feedback about the palette. In total it cost £15.96.

When it arrived I couldn't believe the palette was in the parcel - it was a massive parcel and arrived about a week after paying. It was wrapped in a ton of bubble wrap, both outside the palette box and the palette inside was also wrapped in bubble wrap.

Upon opening it I was disappointed to only find 60 colours. In the middle of writing a very strongly worded email I realised that the top colours lifted off. I was under the impression that the shadows were on each side - the lid and the bottom, as shown here (photo not mine). The top colours won't actually stay on the lid, which really annoyed me.

On the bottom two of the eye shadows were smashed to pieces. They weren't really colours I was desperate for, but I was still sad. I cannot seem to clean them either so bits of the eye shadow get everywhere. They were VERY well packaged so I cannot fault the packaging, it is just one of those things that happens. I haven't tried emailing the seller yet to ask about it.

Colour application is amazing. This was the first time I successfully did the Miley Cyrus look from her 7 Things music video - the smudged eye liner and black eyes look. The colour was applied at 11am and was still looking good wiping it off at 1am. The eye shadows are almost brittle to the touch though, so you have to be careful putting colour on the brush.

Overall I am pleased with it. Slightly disappointed about having to have the two layers of eye shadows on top of each other and not on the lid and bottom - I might try to rectify this with some glue though.
14 November 2008 @ 04:52 pm
My Dad was working in our village today, which was vary rare. Talking to the old lady living in the bungalow (he is an electrician) the lady was talking about the loveliest woman she knew who worked in the paper shop, who was always smiling, the only kind person there, always sorting out paper bills when there were problems and all sorts. My Dad described my Mom to her, and the lady said "Yes, that was her".

I am so proud to have called her my mother <3
02 November 2008 @ 01:51 pm
Pigment samples, £1.50 each. Postage is 50p no matter how many you buy, and I will need Paypal fees on top if using Paypal (if not sent as a personal payment).

When sending me the Paypal money, please mention in the notes a list of the pigment sample colours you want - I cannot stress how confusing it gets, so having the list there when I am parcelling items up really helps.

Also due to these being on my personal journal I may not update the totals as regularly as on communities so please let me check numbers before you pay.

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15 October 2008 @ 06:51 pm
I can totally sparkle now
13 October 2008 @ 01:00 pm

Lush samples
There is now a variety of samples and packaging to choose from, great for Christmas coming up.

Important stuff:
♥ Powders (ballistics, emotibombs, bubble bars, etc) will be 20g.
♥ Solids (soaps, massage bars, shampoos, etc) will be 10g.
♥ Every sample now comes with a little card to tell you exactly how to use the sample and what properties the sample has. The set also comes with an introduction card to explain what the samples are a bit about Lush.
♥ No picking and choosing what samples you would like - apart from choosing between shower only sets or sets also suitable for a bath.
♥ Every samples comes in a zip lock bag. This means they are kept fresh and you can keep them in the bathroom without the steam affecting them. They are also labelled so you can tell what they are.
♥ For each item I have stated the price, postage and fees seperately. Postage for more than 1 would be cheaper and personal payments would eliminate fees.
♥ I have put dividers between the different sets to eliminate confusion.

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